Being a Dad to Teenage Girls

She used to greet you when you came home from work with a hug and would excitedly tell you about her day. Now she scowls at you and calls you weird because you asked how her day has been; what school was like today, what happened in her social life and what made her laugh.

She used to tell you she loved you – and you clearly saw she meant it – but now you can do nothing right for her; she either bursts into tears for no apparent reason, or, tells you she “hates you.”

Welcome to being a still proud Dad to a teenage girl.

She still delights you. Yet now she also frustrates you. You feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster; every four seconds she has a completely different personality.

Dr Ruth A Peters suggests that clever, “gutsy” parenting is the key to getting through with your sanity intact. More importantly, your daughter needs you to stay strong for her, and journey with her as she faces social struggles, feelings of rejection, and self-perception problems.

And as a Dad to a teenage daughter you are likely to hear the dreaded “I’m fat!” Carol Tuttle, author of The Child Whisper, shows parents how they can hang in their, instilling confidence in their daughters as they grow into women.

And, in an everyday blokes world, you as your daughter’s Dad, can make a real difference. Just being their for her is all she’ll ever need when everything is boiled down.

So stay the course, no matter how rough it gets. You already know she’s worth it!



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