Butting Heads with Teenagers

“Don’t come in, you embarrass me!”

The first time you hear this from your teenager it is not uncommon to feel totally wrecked inside. Your little prince or princess is nearly physically grown,but has alot more maturing psychologically and socially.

Teens are so consumed with themselves and how their image is represented; more so these days than 15 or 20 years ago. Magazines, television, movies, music and music videos are screaming at kids to be or look a certain way. It honestly seems cruel that this torrent of conforming – or should I say mis-conforming information – hits teens literally at the same time as they are individuating and establishing their own identity.

As a bloke trying your best to be a good Dad to your son or daughter it can be a really tough road. How much rope do I let my child have? If I am to restrictive will they revolt and stop listening? If I give them too much of the reigns am I guilty of being permissive?

Check out this website which can point you in the right direction. Balance is important. We love our kids and want to be active parents – in their lives rather than just on the sidelines as an observer. Yet we must give them their own space to allow them to grow and learn.


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