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Hackers Everywhere

Here I am peacefully sitting on my lounge with my one-and-only bride when she turns to me and say’s, “Have you signed-up for something?” Not knowing what she is on about I ask, “what do you mean?”

In her email inbox, which she was quietly scanning as she watched TV, was an email from a smutty website suggesting that I had signed-up to it. It was like being hit by a Mike Tyson right-hander. It absolutely floored me.

I will quickly digress. I have taken classes in IT, but I am far from an expert. I feel that IT has moved so quickly over the last 5 years that my computing qualifications – gained in 1997 and 2003 – have been eclipsed. Nothing is the same.

Facebook was to come to fame over the next few years after I completed my course. Integrating social media into my knowledge base has been a real struggle. What is appropriate, what is not? I have concluded that I must learn all over again.

I did not think immediately of hackers when my wife questioned me about  this smutty email from some porn site. I was as shocked as her.

I have been hacked before. Back in 2012. I lost control of a Hotmail address to hackers who sent strange emails to everyone in my address book.

Then i remembered: I received an email from my boss with a document attached. I opened it, but apparently there was no document. My boss, only minutes later, came through the office to announce he had been hacked and not to open any email from him.

Too late!!

Hackers have broken into my email account used the data to sign up to seemingly multiple vile, smutty websites and then emailed everyone in my address book with messages from this disgusting series of websites.

Has technology moved so far ahead of us that we have lost control? We should be able to stop this rubbish!

Is there an agenda from clever, techno-nerds, to make the internet and computing so difficult for people; so unsafe for people, that we are lured into just giving up?

Or am i just a hopeless dumb-ass bloke, tragically lost in today’s ever more technological world?